AD Group Membership (Member(s) and Member of)

AD Group Membership (Member(s) and Member of) #powershell script to pull AD Group Membership using traditional ADSI method Will collect both Members and Member of Run the script in this format: .\ListGroupMembers.ps1 -DomainName mydomain.com -GroupName “Domain admins”

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List Remote Domain(s) Trusts & Functional Levels – Powershell Script

Powershell Script to List Multiple Remote Domain(s) Trusts and Functional Levels including the Trust Status. Copy all the Domains you wish to get this report run on a text file and name it “domains.txt” Place it in the same location as the script and run […]

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Audit Server Reboots (Powershell Script)

As an extension to my article on how to Audit Server Reboots, I have put forth a small script that might come handy. I consciously choose implementing WMI rather than inbuilt command lets as there were several Legacy OS’s still in our enterprise and using […]

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