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Audit User Logon and Logoff

What? We are Trying to get a list of users who Logged on/off/failed. Why? Now.. Why do we need this data ? Audit to start with. While on a Service Restoration call of an outage, to determine if any one logged in and made any […]

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Issues with Windows Gateway after Restart

What? Though the default gateway is set successfully and it does report you the correct configuration when you run ipconfig /all command. You tend to loose it or finds missing after the computer restarts Why? If you double-click the following registry entry, you find that […]

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Converting Windows Editions (2008 & 2012)

What? Convert a Windows 2008 or 2012 Server from Standard > Enterprise > Data-center Why? Several reasons including but not limited to: You have installed a Standard Edition and realized, it needs to be an Enterprise post deployment of applications and server sign off. Your […]

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Determine Windows Shutdown and Restart times

Here is what every Windows Admin will have to learn sooner or later., how do we know when the server got rebooted ? Who rebooted it ? was that a clean shutdown or an unexpected one ? So, how do we tell this ? Just […]

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Windows 2012 and Remote Desktop Services

While installing RDS on Windows 2012 you can run into weird issues, one of which is the installation ┬ástops all of a sudden and asks you to check the mighty “Event Viewer”. Here is what I have tried and learned over the time, most of […]

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