Windows 2008

Add Domain User to Local Admin on Multiple Servers

Add Domain User to Local Admin on Multiple Servers Upon multiple requests, uploading my Old Script to Add Domain User to Local Admin on Multiple Servers.

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Configure Lotus Notes as the default e-mail client via GPO

Consider these requirements/instructions before you proceed with configuring Lotus Notes as a default mail client in the environment This article assumes that the Notes on the Clients are installed on the same location, if that is not the case: Create Individual GPOs and assign them […]

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Audit User Logon and Logoff

What? We are Trying to get a list of users who Logged on/off/failed. Why? Now.. Why do we need this data ? Audit to start with. While on a Service Restoration call of an outage, to determine if any one logged in and made any […]

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Issues with Windows Gateway after Restart

What? Though the default gateway is set successfully and it does report you the correct configuration when you run ipconfig /all command. You tend to loose it or finds missing after the computer restarts Why? If you double-click the following registry entry, you find that […]

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Converting Windows Editions (2008 & 2012)

What? Convert a Windows 2008 or 2012 Server from Standard > Enterprise > Data-center Why? Several reasons including but not limited to: You have installed a Standard Edition and realized, it needs to be an Enterprise post deployment of applications and server sign off. Your […]

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